The Rise Art Prize 2019 will be focused on ‘EDGES’, however you wish to interpret that.  We recommend keeping this theme in mind when you prepare your proposals - see it as a catalyst for ideas that will lead and shape your final artwork.  

Our theme this year is intentionally ambiguous. We want to see how you, the artist, chooses to tackle the idea of ‘EDGES’; how you might incorporate facets of the theme within your work and ultimately react to its underpinnings.  

You may wish to use the theme as a stimulus in the production of your work, literally engaging with and reassessing the edges of your artwork. Alternatively you might choose to engage with the theme more academically by considering how ‘EDGES’  emerge and fracture on a social and political level.  

Ultimately, engagement with the theme is entirely open-ended and we welcome any and all proposals that offer an innovative take on ‘EDGES’.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to finding out just how far the edges can be pushed.